Santa Cruz IP


Carolina Morán

Administration and Finance Manager


Carolina Morán is a Commercial Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the areas of Administration, Finance and Management Control, stages of business development and the implementation of strategic plans for organizations and companies.

During her professional career, Carolina has worked in several companies and Educational Foundations in the area of administration and finance management. She has experience in project development, budget control, financial administration, management control and reports to the Board of Directors. Additionally, she has been involved in the outset of social organizations, foundations and non-profit corporations.

As an external consultant, she has developed experience in advising and diagnosing companies, and in evaluating alternatives for improvement in administrative, financial, and accounting matters. Also in the implementation of structure and strategies for an orderly and efficient operation from the point of view of the management of the company’s human and financial resources; as well as the generation of management control indicators that allow generating information for owners and directors in order to facilitate the task of controlling the company’s solvency over time.

Currently Manager of the SCIP study and external consultant for companies.